Exclusivity In Simplicity

The island of Bali has a long list of incredible properties, amazing events and, of course, its laidback yet exclusive lifestyle. Tropical Life was born to tap on the premium market, and covers spectacular properties, fine dining and the other unique aspects of Bali.

Tropical Life

To cater much vaster readers from various countries, Tropical Life also covers Asia’s most spectacular and favourite destinations. This is the only free lifestyle and property magazine that is distributed not only in Indonesia but also outside Indonesia: Singapore. Now, Tropical Life has become one of the most sought-after magazines on the island.

• 12.000 copies every four months

• Over 228 selected distribution points

• Distribution area includes Bali, Lombok, Jakarta, Surabaya,Yogyakarta, Solo and Singapore

• Distribution includes fine restaurants, cafés, lounges, hotels and villas (in-room) and gourmet shops

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