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Born 10 years ago in Bali, Mixmedia was established with one simple but strong idea of providing the growing number of tourists with free weekly information update print publications.


Overtime, the business has evolved and currently owns and manages 9 print publications, 5 radios, outdoors media, several online products in addition to creative communication services and corporate publishing.


The media covers an incredible range of information serving the diverse and complex needs of both local and international market.  Managing over 150 clients annually, Mixmedia has clients from local, national to multinational corporations from different industries such as Airlines, automotive, consumer goods, pharmacy, properties to all sectors of tourism related industries.


The company’s media target audiences are various serving those who come from different level of social status and spread in various cities in Indonesia and outside Indonesia.


As a local company in Bali, Mixmedia is the only company that can provide services in numerous types under one roof and effectively deliver your massage onto the market.

mixmedia 2017

Nice to meet you!

We started the company with 4 people and before I realize it, we are now a team of over 150 people that come from different background and industry. Uniquely a few of us come from the media industry and that might be the reason we are growing.


None of our editorial team had previous work experience in writing when they first started, not a single person in our sales team had an experience in selling ads, which in fact some of them used to be bankers, secretary, chef, engineer, public relation to religious person meant to be a priest. However, all of them have given unique contributions in helping the company to expand.


Our basic concept when recruiting people is simply “ placing the right person on the wrong position”, and so far it works quite well.


Best Regards

Olaf Purvis



olaf purvis

Olaf Purvis

Managing Director 

Managing and overseeing 8 print publication, 6 radios, 2 online and outdoors media. Each media has its own uniqueness and spread over 7 cities in Indonesia such as Bali, Surabaya, Makasar, Semarang, Palu, Serang and Cilegon.

The company manages almost 250 clients annually from different industries and size, from local, national to Multinational Corporations from different type of industries such as Airlines, Automotive, consumer goods, properties and all sector of the tourism related industry.

mixmedia 2017

mixmedia 2017

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mixmedia 2017

mixmedia 2017